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With more than 10 years of e-commerce experience we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.  

So you have an online store? You can’t assume people will find you on their own. Developing a strong flow of user traffic to your site is done by planning and maintaining an ongoing and multifaceted promotional strategy that’s carefully targeted to your audience and makes use of your existing owned, earned and bought media.

As digital marketing continues to evolve and becomes increasingly ubiquitous and as more and more consumers grow accustomed to engaging and interacting with brands online - the current methodology of outsourcing digital marketing management is no longer an effective operational strategy.
You need real time access and direct involvement with your customers.


Meta Business Partner

Meta Business Partners (MBPs) are a group of tech companies and agencies that have been vetted by Meta and certified for their excellence in helping advertisers get the most from their campaigns. The Meta Business Partner badge is awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of performance and service, assuring you that we are among the best of what we do. 


We have provided marketing and/or consultation services to the following local & international brands since 2018.

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Dr Samantha Brooks,

Neuroscientist UCT

I think you - and your team - were the coolest dudes I met during my 6 yrs in CT. Thanks for everything you did making the C-Ya app.

Simon Leps,

CEO Fontera

Steven knows his shit. He is the first person I turn to for anything digital related.

Moshe Adir,


Innovative and focused on service excellence.   Experience in this industry counts and Steve has been a leader in the game since its inception

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